Soviet Russia USSR WWII Genuine Brass Medal For The Defense of Odessa

$ 244.95

Metal: BRASS                                     

Established 22 December 1942. Awarded to all servicemen of the Soviet Army, Navy, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and civil citizens who took part in the defense of Odessa. From 10 August 1941 until 16 October 1941, Soviet troops bravely defended the city against an attack force comprised of 16 divisions of German forces. Despite being outnumbered 5 to 1, the siege lasted for 73 days before the city fell to the Nazis. Odessa was awarded the Title of "Hero City" on 1 May 1945, and is one of only four "Hero Cities" in the USSR (the others being Leningrad, Stalingrad, and Sevastopol.) It is made of brass. Approximately 38,000 were issued.

Height ( inches / mm ):
Width ( inches / mm ): 1.26 / 32.1
Condition: Circulated

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