Soviet Russia USSR WWII Bronze Medal of Admiral Nakhimov Original Medal # 6205

$ 694.95

Metal: BRONZE                                     

Established 3 March 1944. Awarded to marines, soldiers, sergeants, petty officers and warrant officers of the Soviet Navy and marine divisions of Frontier troops for valor and gallantry displayed in sea battles. Could also be awarded to non-navy personnel who with efficient and resourceful actions at the risk of their lives, contributed to the successful outcome of combat missions involving USSR Naval warships and other units. The medal was named in honor of the famous Russian Naval commander, Admiral Pavel Nakhimov. This medal could be received more than once. Approximately 14,000 were issued.

Hallmark: 6205
Height ( inches / mm ): 1.75 / 44.58
Width ( inches / mm ): 1.42 / 36.30
THICKNESS ( mm ) 2.80
Condition: Circulated

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