Everett Goenett Northwest Native American 925 Silver Eagle Wide Cuff Bracelet

$ 344.95

Metal: Silver                                                                                  
Metal Purity: .925

Everett Goenett

Tribe Affiliation: Tlingit
Wearable Length ( inches ): 7.5 INCLUDING GAP ~1.125"
Width ( inches / mm ): 1.10 / 27.9
Weight ( gram ): 52.5
Condition: Vintage


All along the Northwest Coast, many myths and legends surround the Eagle. He was a symbol of power and prestige and was a major crest figure. Eagle feathers were used in many rituals and on ceremonial occasions, eagle down was sprinkled as a symbol of peace and friendship. Made in USA.

Everett Goenett was a Tlingit artist. He was influenced by other great Northwest Coast
native artists such as Odin Lonning. Mr. Goenett was an accomplished
wood carver of totem poles and masks. Mr. Goenett passed away in
1994 but his work lives on.


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