Cameo Marcasite Accents Sterling Silver Ring By Vintage - Size 4.75

$ 34.95 $ 44.95

Metal: Silver                                                
Metal Purity: .925
Hallmark: Sterling Vintage
Size: 4.75
Width ( inches / mm ): 0.66 / 16.7
Weight ( gram ): 5.4
Condition: Vintage


 Cameo are beautifully hand-carved scenes or portraits of people or animals in three-dimensional relief. Cameos are made from multi-colored conch shells or banded agate, which is a semi-precious stone. Cameos made from either material are hard and durable and very beautiful works of art. The beauty of a cameo is certainly in its carving, but also in the selection of the material.

 The carver selects a section of the conch shell or agate and determines where the layers of color are. Then the carver creates a design just for that section of shell or agate that will reveal colored layers as it is carved, making the finished cameo more three-dimensional. After the cameo is carved, it is polished by hand creating a wonderful luster and depth to the finished piece. Typically, the darker color will be in the background of the cameo and the lighter color in the foreground. Since every cameo is a handmade work of art, colors will vary.



  • We sell vintage pre-owned and antique items (except for those described as new) which will often show signs of wear, dents, scratches, oxidation, broken stones, etc. Please note that the item in the photographs may be larger or smaller in actuality. The photographs do not represent true size. Please check the description for physical dimensions and email us with any questions.

  • We are not gemologists, and due to the high quality of laboratory made stones we take no responsibility if the stone appears not to be genuine. We try our best to accurately describe the stones in our jewelry items.

  • In order for you to see the real age of presented item we do not perform any type of cleaning or polishing. If its tarnished that's exactly the way you will receive it.

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