Bill Helin Northwest Native American Sterling Silver Solitude Wide Cuff Bracelet

$ 299.95

Metal: Silver                                                                                  
Metal Purity: .925

Bill Helin

Tribe Affiliation: Tsimshian
Wearable Length ( inches ): 7 INCLUDING GAP ~1"
Width ( inches / mm ): 1.12 / 28.4
Weight ( gram ): 46.9
Condition: Vintage

 Reflection | Opportunity | Hope

In solitude we are able to reflect on our past to provide important perspective for our future. With this gained knowledge we can move forward with a sense of renewal and take on any new challenges that may come our way. Made in USA.

Bill (WeLaaxumYout) Helin was born in Prince Rupert B.C. Canada.
His father was a Tsimshian Indian Chief by the name of Hyemass.
His grandfather, Henry Helin, was Chief of the Girlan Tribe, and
his grandmother, Maud Helin, was Chieftainess of the Gitgeese Tribe.

Helin studied at the famous Ksan Indian Art School in B.C. where
he learned traditional design, tool making, wood carving and jewelry engraving under
Tsimshian Master Artists. Bill has mastered the skill of wood carving and
worked on the world's largest totem pole, which now stands in Victoria, B.C.

In 1987 he studied at the Gemological Institute of America where
he learned gemology and gem setting to enhance the beauty and
uniqueness of his amazing story bracelets and wedding rings. His other passions are
acrylic painting, story book writing and illustration. He also loves to share
the stories and songs of his Tsimshian heritage and teach children the importance of culture.


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